Top End Treatment

Forté Top End Treatment is formulated in accordance with the latest engine oil technology and many thousands of test kilometres have validated the cleaning capacities. When used in accordance with directions in engine oil Forté Top End Treatment offers the following advantages:
  • Removes and prevents lacquer and resin deposits in finely machined engine parts including valves and hydraulic tappets.

  • Reduces build-up and deposits of sludge in engine oil.

  • Reduces deposits related to oil and fuel.

  • Removes deposits in piston ring grooves.

  • Reduces the amount of blow-by.

Forté Top End Treatment is compatible with all types of engine oil with classification and specifications in accordance with ACEA, API, ILSAC and individual car manufacturers. The product has no negative or harmful consequences for the catalytic converter or other engine parts. Forté Top End Treatment does not contain any substances and has no consequences on account of which the car manufacturer's warranty may be declared void.

We advise use of Forté Top End Treatment in all engines which are susceptible to sticking valves or ticking of hydraulic tappets, irrespective of mileage. Forté Top End Treatment can safely be used in motor cycles with hydraulic tappets and a wet plate clutch, as the product does not alter the friction properties of the engine oil.

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