Bio Degreaser

Forté Bio Degreaser is a specially developed, solvent based cleaner. It emulsifies sludge and oily deposits, which due to leakage of the heat exchanger, a leaking cylinder head gasket or cavitation of the cylinder barrels have entered the cooling system. When used in accordance with directions in the cooling system Forté Bio Degreaser offers the following advantages:

  • Prevents blockages due to sludge in radiator cores and in small flow through openings, so that the cooling system will continue to work properly.

  • Emulsifies oil and sludge in the coolant, which after draining results in a completely degreased cooling system.

  • Restores heat transfer of thermally high-loaded engine parts to the coolant.

  • As a result of the cleaning the coolant's level in the expansion vessel can be checked again.

  • Cleaning prevents that synthetic parts of e.g. the water pump are affected by the hydrocarbons (HCs) from oil and sludge.

Forté Bio Degreaser is compatible with all antifreeze and glycol based coolant formulas , ‘fill for life' and OAT (Organic Acid Technology) cooling liquids.

It has no negative or detrimental effects on the materials used in a cooling system, regardless of the coolant's service period, including 'fill for life'-cooling systems. Forté Bio Degreaser is soluble in water and fully biodegradable.

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